Do I have to create an account? 

Yep! Creating an account allows for faster check out and lets you to manage every detail of your subscription.

Does Club Jerky make its own jerky? 

 No. Club Jerky's mission is to bring to our customers the amazing jerky that's being made all over this country. We spend countless hours scouring this land to find the next great jerky to provide to our members and customers. But yeah, we know a thing or two about making amazing jerky. 

I just subscribed. How soon do I get my jerky?

Your first shipment of jerky is shipped within 1 business day.  We'll send you a tracking number as soon as we ship it so you can track it all the way to your door.  After your first jerky shipment, your next shipment of jerky will be shipped during the monthly subscription shipping cycle.

When do monthly subscriptions ship?

We ship jerky subscriptions during the last week of each month.  This guarantees your jerky arrives early each and every month.

Can I select my own jerky for a subscription?  

Not at the moment. We pride ourselves in curating the monthly suppliers to bring our members new jerky and keep them trying new and exciting things.  

How does the 3/6-Month Gift Membership work?  

We ship jerky subscriptions during the last week of each month.  You're first shipment will arrive at the beginning of the month following the month you ordered.   

To make sure you notify the recipient we'll send you a gift notification email that you can forward to the recipient to let them know. 

For example, if you buy a gift membership on January 8th, the first shipment will be sent out during the last week of January. It's best to forward the confirmation email to the recipient at the appropriate time. We do this to maximize efficiency, keeps costs down (to pass those savings on to you), and make sure the jerky is as fresh as possible. 

Where do I add a note to the recipient for a gift?  

 You can add a gift message to the order on the product page for subscription products and the cart page for all other one-time gifts. Once you've added the items to your cart and click the cart icon in the top left, you can add a gift message before checking out. 

How does the gift message look?  

The message will be transcribed onto the packing slip which is included on the shipment with NO pricing at all.  

Do you ship internationally?  

We do but only on some items, you'll be notified at checkout if we ship to your country. Shipping internationally will automatically add the appropriate rate. Because of the customs process please allow 15 days for delivery (this generally will not affect subscription deliveries as they will be spaced one month apart). For subscriptions only certain countries are eligible. We are working on making the subscriptions available globally. Shipping rates apply to subscriptions outside the US. 

Is shipping free for all products?  

Shipping is free for select products, it'll say on the products page.